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WAN Connectivity

A look inside the backbone and distribution of our direct network.
Global Network Map

Download a copy of our global network topology to see our full colocation service offering.

NetXpress vs. Competition

Download our architecture diagram and compare your current solution to the NetXpress Layer 1 Solution.

NetXpress WAN Backbone

Connecting Global Data Centers

We built our high speed, fully redundant and diverse wide area network from the ground. The NetXpress backbone connects key financial datacenters via multi-path, high capacity, low latency circuits across each global region.

Market Data

Application Connectivity


Trade Traffic Transport

On-Demand Bandwith

On-Demand Consumption Model

Procure dedicated bandwidth between colocation facilities in increments as little as 1Mb and up to 10Gb, via the NetXpress backbone. Our network engineering team is always on stand-by to increase bandwidth limits should your trading strategy require more bandwidth.

Our Backbone Philosophy

Low Latency

Low Cost

High Uptime WAN

Flexible Migrations for Increased Speed

The NetXpress backbone mesh employs dedicated fiber telco connections from the lowest latency providers in the market. Leveraging an evergreen policy, NetXpress maintains short term telco contracts, allowing flexible migrations to newer, faster paths as they become commercially available. In a market where speed, cost and stability all matter, NetXpress provides tailored options for clients to create additional alpha, by improving trading signals and enabling them to better capitalize on arbitrage strategies.

NetXpress clients rest assured with the knowledge that each data center on our backbone leverages multiple diverse routes and carriers, enabling a fully resilient mesh. Furthermore, all backbone core network equipment is deployed in an A & B paradigm. This ensures complete redundancy and resiliency within the NetXpress core.

Connecting Office and Private Data Centers with Dedicated Telco

Let us take on the financial and operational burdens of procuring telco connections through our strategic partnerships, so that you can focus on what matters the most: your trading business. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your global WAN and private telco requirements.

Managing private telco so you can focus on what matters most, your business.