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Specialized Services

Our core services extend beyond that of a typical Managed Services Provider (MSP). We strive to deliver a complete solution for your firm, inclusive of datacenter, build, and hardware services.
Global Network Map

Download a copy of our global network topology to see our full colocation service offering.

NetXpress vs. Competition

Download our architecture diagram and compare your current solution to the NetXpress Layer 1 Solution.

Our Team Is An Extention Of Your Team

NetXpress has expert engineers, architects and a project management team who will build your trading infrastructures quickly and efficiently. We assign dedicated representatives from each department to all client deployments, guaranteeing a personalized and custom experience. Our primary goal is to allow you to focus on trading and the growth of your business.
In addition to our NetXpress build teams, we have full-time ‘smarter hands’ employees to manage all remote hands and technical support within the datacenter. Our datacenter engineers encompass a deep expertise in supporting the electronic trading community, and are trained to fully understand your unique hosted environment. NetXpress has ‘smarter hands’ available in each geographical region to support your global trading operation.


Hassle-free, elastic technology delivered in an
OpEx model

Benefit from Our Strategic Partnerships

NetXpress places incredible value on both strategic partnerships and cutting edge technology. In the same way that our network infrastructure is built in a modular way to ensure technology upgrades upon availability, NetXpress is able to accommodate your hardware procurement needs.
Through our highest level partnerships with industry leading hardware manufacturers (HP, Dell, SuperMicro, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Arista, and Solarflare, to name a few) NetXpress offers you value driven pricing, premier hardware support and the fastest procurement options.