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Global Network Map

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NetXpress vs. The Competition

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Hassle-Free, Elastic Technology Delivered in an OpEx Model On-Premise or in the Cloud

Hardware-as-a-Service (HWaaS) is a consumption model of hardware and services on a recurring bases. HWaaS enables you to make less capital-intensive purchases, can help you consolidate multiple manufacturer hardware leases and provide you with managed services of your hardware. The new standards set by FASB, require all lease types (of more than 12 months) to be recognized on your balance sheet. HWaaS enables you to push expensive initial hardware purchases and taxes into a service option that will be recognized on your balance sheet as an operational expense.

As part of the service, NetXpress offers network monitoring and managed services, hardware maintenance and support that aligns with manufacturer’s SLA, and managed inventory of all assets. Through NetXpress, you can aggregate and manage all manufacturer contracts into a single, contract with flexible end terms and refresh cycles, underwritten through the NetXpress internal capital group.

Hardware and Lease Management

Benefits of moving to a HWaaS model include:

Potential treatment of the service offering as an operational expense

Potential of lower equipment acquisition cost versus traditional purchase or lease

Standardized global pricing discounts regardless of size of order

Flexible term end options

Ability to include soft costs

Built-in technology refresh cycle


Ability to consolidate multiple leases and hardware manufacturers onto a single service contract

A consumption model that makes the management, purchase and accounting of your hardware seamless. 

Moshe Siegel

Founder, NetXpress