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NetXpress delivers hosting services in key datacenters across the globe.
Global Network Map

Download a copy of our global network topology to see our full colocation service offering.

NetXpress vs. Competition

Download our architecture diagram and compare your current solution to the NetXpress Layer 1 Solution.

Low Latency Advantage

We understand the importance of being in the same colocation facilities as the exchange access centers, to ensure the lowest latency advantage across markets. We offer a variety of hosting options in each of our data center locations to accommodate your latency and cost requirements. Remote hosting and Disaster Recovery (DR) hosting services are also available. Our technologists will work with you to deliver the right solution for your trading strategies and expertly support the footprint that makes the most sense for your business.

Colocation Map Netxpress

North America Locations

350 E. Cermak

Secaucus, NY4
Secaucus, NY2

Carteret, NJ

Markham, TMX, Canada

EMEA Locations

London, Basildon

Slough, LD4

Frankfurt FR2

Telco Locations

Weehawken, Savvis NJ2

London, InterXion

Tokyo, CC1

Your Trading Strategy Changes with Market Volatility

We strive to provide the most flexible, secure, yet cost-effective solutions for your business. We offer both shared and dedicated hosting environments, allowing you to choose how quickly you expand within the colo.

All our datacenters are equipped with VPN and secure internet services for remote management. PTP timing services are also available for MIFID2 and RTS 25 compliance purposes.

Flexible, Secure, & Cost-Effective Hosting Services
With the use of new, performance-driven technologies, we combat managed service provider network standards with a unique layer 1 architecture model.

Our Ultra Product Redefines Low Latency within the Datacenter

Through a combination of layer 1 switches and proprietary code, the NetXpress Ultra product transmits market data directly to client servers in 95 nanoseconds. Orders are also executed back to the exchange in 95 nanoseconds or less.

We also offer a premium product, which utilizes layer 3 distribution, for your strategies that don’t require ultra-low latency within the colo. Regardless of the deployment design your firm chooses, the NetXpress infrastructure provides a substantially optimized, latency sensitive, and cost-effective platform for your trading operation.