Market Connectivity

In the capital markets industry, receiving high quality market data and executing orders in the quickest method possible is absolutely paramount. NetXpress is committed to delivering truly ultra-low latent market connectivity at each exchange co-location facility or preferred proximity location.

Layer 1 Direct Connectivity

At NetXpress, we take a completely different approach to network architecture and developed a pioneering proprietary solution to ensure the lowest latency possible as a managed service provider. By deploying client servers with direct connectivity to our layer 1 exchange switches, NetXpress delivers a deterministic latency profile of 5-95 ns (the exact latency profile varies per exchange venue).

Our connectivity model provides additional benefits outside of latency:

  • Because NetXpress has eliminated the unnecessary switch hops in our architecture, we’ve dramatically reduced points of failure.
  • As your servers connect directly to the exchange at the layer 1 level, you will never be impacted by any other client’s changes. No more unnecessary change notifications!
  • In our competitor’s traditional layer 3 based architecture, everyone could be dramatically impacted by a wrong change to the community switch. NetXpress is built for scale and as a client, you are only impacted by what happens on your port.

You might anticipate that our vastly improved technology and architecture would be too unbearably expensive to consider. However, our pricing is extremely competitive to other providers that are still operating under a slower, legacy model. How? It costs us less. Our flat, uncomplicated network requires less to operate and maintain. We pass those operational savings onto our clients.

As a managed service provider, our clients benefit from sharing exchange connectivity at a fractionalized price. If you could take the same connectivity at a latency profile that is either the same or better than if you were to do it yourself, why wouldn’t you? Contact us here to discuss your market connectivity requirements today.