NetXpress delivers hosting services in key datacenters across the globe. We understand the importance of being in the same colocation facilities as the exchange access centers, to ensure the lowest latency advantage across market centers for our trading clients. Remote hosting and Disaster Recovery (DR) hosting services are also available for clients who require hosting for less latency sensitive systems, or have a DR facility redundantly connected to the NetXpress backbone. Additionally, NetXpress has telco colocation sites, with limited hosting capabilities, for connectivity purposes.   


US locations:

  • 350 E. Cermak
  • Secaucus, NY4
  • Secaucus, NY2
  • Carteret, NJ
  • Aurora, CME

EMEA locations:

  • London, Basildon
  • Slough, LD4
  • Frankfurt FR2

Telco locations:

  • Weehawken, Savvis NJ2
  • London, InterXion
  • Tokyo, CC1


Flexible Yet Secure Hosting Services

Because your trading strategies may quickly change with market volatility, we strive to provide highly flexible and cost effective solutions for your business. NetXpress clients may utilize either shared rack space or dedicated cabinet hosting for a single server or large multi-cabinet environment within all of our datacenter locations.


In addition to WAN connectivity, VPN access for your remote hosted environments and secured Internet services are available as well. Clients may also take advantage of the PTP timing services offered in each point of presence (POP) for MiFID 2 and RTS 25 compliance purposes.


Low Latencies with NetXpress Ultra

With the construction of a brand new network infrastructure, NetXpress took advantage of new, performance driven technologies to further reduce latencies for their clients. With the creation of the NetXpress Ultra product, NetXpress combats the standard managed service provider (MSP) distribution focused network design. NetXpress Ultra utilizes a combination of layer 1 switches and proprietary code, to transmit market data down to the client top of rack (ToR) switch in less than 4 nanoseconds, removing the multiple switch hops that competitive network infrastructures often deploy. Through this model, orders can be executed in 80 nanoseconds or less.


NetXpress also offers a Premium product, utilizing layer 3 distribution, for clients who are less concerned about ultra-low latency within the datacenter. Regardless of the deployment design your firm chooses, the NetXpress infrastructure offers a substantially optimized, latency sensitive, and cost effective platform for your trading strategies. NetXpress clients experience the lowest latent solution possible, without carrying the burden of sole responsibility for the cost of that solution.


Contact us today to learn more about how NetXpress can lower both costs and latencies for your trading business.