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Global connectivity provider NetXpress is announcing its partnership with Level Trading Field, LLC, a highly interactive, cloud-based quantitative and analytics technology platform for traders and financial professionals.

Level Trading Field’s consolidated cryptocurrency feed will be made available to any customer of NetXpress through their existing connectivity to the network. By utilizing a single API, NetXpress clients can access all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges without the need to write and maintain unique code for each exchange. Additionally, the new feed will include value-added data for exchanges, such as VWAP, bias indicators, and market stability alerts, so that algorithmic traders can make intelligent decisions on where to route their orders. Level Trading Field’s showed advanced analytical expertise in the field of cryptocurrency, and their vision for how to enhance the service to professional traders was the key factor behind NetXpress’s decision to partner with them for this service offering.

“With our Level Trading Field partnership, we are excited to bring cryptocurrency spot prices, technical analysis indicators and fundamental blockchain data into the NetXpress network thereby enhancing our clients trading decision analysis,” said Craig Spital, partner at NetXpress. “Available in both raw and consolidated form, the data feed is distributed and available throughout our global backbone. In addition to the cash traders we also see real benefit to our futures trading clients who can now subscribe to this data via their existing co-located servers”

The partnership of NetXpress’ low-latency, high-performance trading network with the real-time market data of Level Trading Field will provide the professional trading community with a secure and fast network that is unprecedented and unmatched in this market sector, with tools and indicators that are essential for a sophisticated trading strategy, such as real-time notifications and alerts of inter-exchange arbitrage, basis spread data between the crypto currency exchanges, and visual tools for viewing data in Human Readable Format.

About NetXpress:

NetXpress is a strategic market data and technology solutions provider within the trading community. Founded by industry veterans with decades of experience, Moshe Siegel and Scott Feagans, NetXpress is the premier managed service provider facilitating low latency trading to the capital markets around the globe.

NetXpress was founded in order to provide cutting edge, client-focused solutions to the low latency electronic trading community. By utilizing layer1 technology, NetXpress has significantly reduced latencies while minimizing the burden of excessive switch hops. Today, NetXpress is in eight global locations, including 350 E. Cermak, Aurora, NY4, Carteret, Basildon, LD4, Frankfurt FR2, and Tokyo.

For more information, please reach out to the NetXpress team: sales@netxpressllc.com (312-871-3190) or visit www.netxpressllc.com.

About Level Trading Field:

Level Trading Field is a provider of a financial markets technology platform that provides traders and investors with professional tools, information and data. The company’s mission is to provide a user-friendly platform with the best possible technologies in order to offer the same tools and data to investors of all sizes. Their 21st century approach aims to meet the needs of all modern traders and investors.

For more information, please visit www.leveltradingfield.com.