Market Data

In our industry, data is everything. No matter your market data requirements, we understand the paramount importance of receiving high quality market data in the quickest method possible. NetXpress is committed to delivering the ultra- low latency market data your firm requires, directly at each exchange venue primary location or preferred proximity location.

Providing High Quality Market Data as Quick as Possible

NetXpress provides direct market access to the most popular exchanges and liquidity providers, globally across each asset class. Within each colocation facility, NetXpress delivers market data in less than four nanoseconds via layer 1 technology and proprietary code. Order Entry back to the exchange may be executed via this same technology in less than 80 nanoseconds. Please contact our sales team here to see a full breakdown of our architecture.  

To accommodate less latency sensitive or DR strategies, NetXpress has already done the heavy lifting for you. Each market can be made available in any of our datacenter facilities via node access and low latency transportation over the NetXpress backbone.

Fast Market Data is Vital to Trading Strategies

Our seamless market data provisioning process facilitates a quick time to market for your strategy. The NetXpress architecture and network engineering teams will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business and create a customized market data solution to expertly assist your trading strategy. The NetXpress ‘follow the sun’ global 24x7 NOC is fully staffed with L2 and L3 network engineers who carefully monitor all exchange connections, enabling you the ability to focus on your core business. 

Contact us to discuss your global market data requirements today.