Tired of opaque service providers? At NetXpress, we believe in transparent, client focused solutions. We are dedicated to providing secure, robust technology for your trading network.


Our services range from colocation to market data to cloud services so you can keep focus on what is most important, your business.


NetXpress Map v2.png

Global Network Footprint

AUR: CME Aurora

CHI: 350 E. Cermak

NY2: Secaucus NJ

NY4: Secaucus NJ

LD4: Slough London

BAS: Basildon London

FR2: Frankfurt

NJ2: Weehawken

InterXion: London

CC1: Tokyo

“NetXpress was founded so that we could return to our roots of providing cutting edge, client focused solutions within the low latency electronic trading community.”
— Moshe Siegel, Founder